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One of the great privileges of running a small business is being able to give generously to community organizations and charitable causes that matter to you. "A philanthropic beginning, like a small drop of water in a pond, creates ripples until impact happens and change is initiated."


Via Santa Barbara Foundation

­­Giving With Purpose: The Esperanza Fund

When Leandro Molina (Lee) decided on a name for his family’s charitable fund at the Santa Barbara Foundation, he chose “Esperanza” (“Hope”) to honor the philanthropic spirit of his parents, Antonio and Margarita Molina. A passionate musician, teacher, and community leader with two doctorate degrees, Antonio spent his lifetime doing redevelopment and community work, teaching music and languages, hosting a Spanish radio show, and serving as organist and choir director for churches throughout Santa Barbara County. Following the hardworking and compassionate example of his parents, who raised 12 college-educated children, Leandro has balanced a successful design, sales & marketing career while raising two daughters in addition to volunteering to coach youth sports and serving on the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Advisory Board for Collierville, Tennessee.

“While my parents could not always help others financially, it did not stop them from finding countless other ways to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Leandro. “As advocates for Mexican immigrants in Santa Barbara, our home was always open to anyone who needed help. Whether it was to notarize a document or help with a translation, my parents never turned anyone away.” Leandro can still recall several examples of his parents helping families find jobs and encouraging them to seek educational opportunities for their children. “My parents’ guidance and support helped so many people, and I want to continue their example of giving.”

Leandro plans to use the Esperanza Fund to provide scholarships for higher education and support to organizations serving the Latino community of Santa Barbara. “My parents dedicated their whole life to helping others and it instilled deep within me a strong desire to do the same,” Leandro said. “I am so blessed to have the financial ability to partner with the Santa Barbara Foundation to make a difference in the community that I grew up in, while honoring the memory of my parents. Like my parents, I believe that a good education allows individuals a fighting chance to escape poverty.”

Our community has been shaped by philanthropy, civic pride, and community engagement from people like Leandro Molina and his family – and people like you. A philanthropic beginning, like a small drop of water in a pond, creates ripples until impact happens and change is initiated. You can continue the long standing tradition of philanthropy here at home by making a contribution to the Santa Barbara Foundation and supporting the foundation’s good work wherever your passion guides you.

If you wish to donate, you may send your taxable donation to: Santa Barbara Foundation, 1111 Chapala Street, Suite 200, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Reference: Esperanza: Prof. Antonio R. & Margarita O. Molina Charitable Fund

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