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Highly Trained, Highly Effective

BA1 Global Sourcing is the overseas sourcing & logistics operation for Real Home. We work together to design, source and deliver a diverse range of products from a large network of factories in several countries. Our priority is to develop and operate responsible, sustainable and agile supply chains that meet the demands of a dynamic global retail sector. Starting with product design and development and including everything from compliance to raw material and factory sourcing, manufacturing control, logistics, and more, we offer end-to-end services for all our partners.


Working hand in hand with REAL HOME, from concept to designs, we translate trends into products that meet the needs of today's demanding consumer.

Industrial Designer
Factory Floor with Two Workers


Finding the right materials and factories that share our commitment to quality, compliance and sustainability is a fundamental activity.  We have a large network of manufacturing partners in several countries.


We care about our people and environment. We emphasize safety and sustainable practices at all times. We live up to the highest compliance, moral, and ethical standards. In today’s global business environment, it is essential not only to produce or manufacture the highest quality goods and products to compete in the market place, you need to ensure that they comply with international and national standards, market regulations and all customer requirements.



Our consumers expect to buy products that are healthy and safe. We do everything in power to ensure that happens. We use accredited laboratories to conduct a full range of product testing. They test for defects, quality, reliability, durability,  safety material testing, and functionality tests, to certification.


Our team works closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure all products meet our strict requirements. Our team checks for defects, quality, reliability, durability, safety and design accuracy. We do production checks before, during and after production, as well as retail store checks to verify the quality of our raw materials and production, marking and packaging, and product presentation. We believe strongly in producing the best quality product in the marketplace, free of defects.



Logistics solutions start from the moment the production starts until the product leaves the factory to the time it reaches our customers or our domestic warehouse. We monitor our products from start to finish.

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